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Marcy on Wellness

Marcy loves wellness. Always an athlete, she was first girl picked in the playground games. Earliest honors began with varsity 4-A state track, collegiate rowing, and her first employment as a Jack Lelane weight room attendant. She changed collegiate majors from Business to Kinesiology, graduating from CU-Boulder in 1995. She has worked in the industry ever since. She earned her 200-hour yoga certification at Corepower Yoga, and was instrumental in launching their Yoga Sculpt program in Boulder, CO. She opened her own yoga studio and f!twall center, and earned her 1000 hour teaching/e-200-hour yoga recognition, and her 500-hour yoga certification from the Shambhavandanda Yoga School. She holds Level 1&2 Meditation certifications, and Writing for Healing. In 2022, she was hodded with her Master of Arts in Professional Creative Writing from DU-UCOL.

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