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Christmas in Ouray

I am SO excited, my poem "Christmas in Ouray" was published at The funny thing is that these poems are often written months in advance. I love this version they selected, but I also wrote another version. Here it is:

Christmas in Ouray

is always white, where mule deer shelter

under snowy boughs of evergreen.

Iced-nip noses, and frost-tip tails

tuck under bodies of warm winter felt.

Inside a century-old home, a fireside plate

sits with crumbles from cookies.

Bright-eyed children with tiny pink toes

gather together for morning folklore.

A string of fairy-lights reflect

eggnog mustaches, wild fingers

unstuffing colorfilled

stockings of chocolate delightings.

Beneath the sparkling fir tree,

a kitten attacks red and green papers,

pouncing silver and gold ribbons,

baubles and bows with holiday glee.

A celebration packed in pagan ecstasy.

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